Hampton Free Methodist Church

Small Groups

Small groups are a place to grow your spiritual understanding, cultivate real relationships and develop a vision for how to positively impact the world around you.

1.  Senior's Bible Study - Wednesdays at 10 am via Zoom. Please check the calendar weekly for dates.  

2. Youth (Grades 6 - 12) - Youth is a great way for kids to connect, learn about Jesus and grow in the their faith.  Please check the youth calendar for more information, dates, etc.  

3. Ladies Prayer Group - this groups meets and spends time in prayer: for the community, our world, the church congregation and also for individual prayer requests.  The group meets at 10 am, different days each week, due to work schedules, etc.  If you would like more information about this group, please contact the church office. This group meets online via Zoom, please contact the church office if you are interested.  

4.  Life Groups - will be starting soon!  If you would like to sign up or would like more information, please contact the church office.  There will be more about Life Groups posted asap! 

Seasonal Classes

Our church hosts a number of classes that meet at the church. Come join us as we learn and grow together! Some classes also provide childcare – be sure to check the class details. 

1.  Evangelicals and Catholics in Dialogue and Relationship Building postponed until further notice.  This is an invitation for Catholics and Evangelicals to be part of the conversation and relationship building. Why? Because what unites believers from the two traditions far exceeds what divides!  We will be partnering with St. Anne's Parish, and alternating the hosting between the churches.  To register, please contact the church office.