Hampton Free Methodist Church

Working Together To Own Our Church

A new initiative to raise and set aside funds to help pay down the mortgage and outstanding loans of the beautiful church we are privileged to worship in. Something people can do at a personal level that will benefit the church above and beyond regular contributions.

Step 1: Collect bottles & cans
Step 2: Ask friends & family for their bottles & cans
Step 3: Ensure bottle caps are removed & sort glass into separate container
Step 4: Visit a Sarcan Drop & Go location (no appointment necessary)
Step 5: At Sarcan kiosk: log into Hampton account by typing in phrase: Own Our Church
Step 6: At Sarcan kiosk: print tags & affix to bags or containers
Step 7: Funds will automatically go to Hampton Church debt reduction fund 

Contact: ownourchurch@hamptonfreemethodist.com